Andaras Bring Gifts of:

  • Automatically expand your state of awareness
  • Increased access to universal knowledge
  • Activates the ability to channeling
  • Accelerates the spiritual development process
  • Creates a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions
  • Manifest and create automatically by inserting your intention into
    the Andara's Energy Field
  • Clears and Balances Chakras Automatically
  • Builds trust within Automatically
  • Focuses on Working through the Heart
  • Raises your frequency of energy to a much higher rate   
  • Learn more about the properties of Andaras
Welcome to the OFFICIAL SITE of Lady Nellie and thank you for choosing your
Andara Crystal Partners helping us to bring the divine light of the Andara to the world.  
They bring amazing shifts and powerful energy with them.  

Healing Soul Oils  

Clears old energies allowing new
freedom which brings needed change
into your lives.

Used along with the Andara this brings
major shifts leading to true
Featured Crystals

As some of you may know, our beloved Lady Nellie passed.  She works with us still directing from the
etheric realms.   We remain her only officially directed Andara Store.

Some of you may not know that in 2008 I was personally blessed by Lady Nellie as she passed her
powers on to me during a visit with her in her home.  It was during this visit that we decided on the logo
for the website and Lady Nellie signed off on it with her signature which is the signature you see on the
background of this website.

Many others will come forward to claim that they are the only Andara distributors.  But this is like a
family with cousins flighting and trying to claim the right to something that is magical and far bigger
than all of us.  

We remain committed to spreading the light of Lady Nellie's Andara to the world.  

In 2008, call it fate, the Divine Universe arranged for me to visit
Lady Nellie at her home.   Lady Nellie was a power Native
American  Medicine Woman from the Chocktaw Tribe.  Known
to most as the Founder of the Andara Crystals, she radiated the
energy of a pure and open heart. Even in her passing she still
works to bring love and light to the world.

During my visit, she handed over to me her personal
that for 32 years she kept this crystal as the Gateway Anchor
for her powerful Andara.  Handing her precious
Lemurian/Hawaiian Quartz Crystal over to me she said that it is
time for her energies to be passed on.   I was felt beyond
privileged and honored.

As I gazed at this remarkably brilliant  quartz crystal she began
to tell me that the twin to this crystal is in Hawaii.  This crystal
is working closely and powerfully with the twin to bring the
Andara energies through.  Lady Nellie said that crystal meant
so much to her because it  was passed on to her from  her
father; a powerful Chocktaw Medicine Man.

This Crystal has multiple rainbows and has been programmed
for the ultimate prosperity and full and complete blessing for
those who shepherd it and the Andara.

Lady Nellie's crystal contains the energies of  the full data bank
or library of the earth.  It holds the records of all.  It has the
wisdom of Mother Earth and the love and beauty of the celestial
realms.  Many angelic beings and Nature Devas guard this
crystal.  It has power Native American Shaman energy.  
Copyright © Lady  All Rights Reserved.  

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Acceptance Mark
    Lady Nellie's Authorization and
    Authenticity Seal

    This Great Seal of Lady Nellie bares the signature
    of  Ms. Nellie Thompson .

    The Great Seal was created in 2008.

Lemurian Crystals
from Mt. Shasta
Andara Crystal Glass, Lu\m. Yellow, 47.35 oz., 4.5"L x 12.5"D
Andara Crystal Glass, Merlin Blue, 91.85 oz., 9.0"L x 13.5"D
$1,286.00 LN-2960