About Lady Nellie's Life
Lady Nellie, about her life

Nellie Morse Thompson, born in Oklahoma, a 90 years young Chocktaw Medicine Woman who never learned to read or
Christianity.  Jesus is her "main man" as she puts it (in a conversation I had with her in September 2008).  Lady Nellie says
she has never been alone as Jesus has always been with her on this journey.

She went to school for forty days and was sent home with Rheumatic Fever and she was never able to return to school.  
Since that time, Nellie always had a desire to go to school and get an education.   As a child she contracted polio which still
bothers her today with bouts of swelling in her legs.  She has to stay in bed a few days to recover with each bought and
her disposition always remains sunny and she is a positive light for the world.

Nellie's father had worked as a surveyor for the Choctaw Lumber Company, hauling logs and railroad ties but still had time
to teach his daughter about plant medicines and the way of the Shaman.  Nellie's father taught her carpentry and this
amazing woman went on to build several homes on her own.  In fact, the home she lives in today is one she build with her
own hands from the ground up.

Nellie was married very young to someone who had become physical abusive.  This feisty high spirited woman decided she'd
had enough and gathered up her young children to leave.  She and the children immediately began hitchhiking from Texas
to California because the most important thing to Nellie was for her children to receive a good education.  This was the era
when woman really didn't go out on their own as a general concept.  She was a ground breaker and path maker; has been
all her life.

Over the years, Lady Nellie has received many plaques and awards for Appreciation and Recognition one of which was for
years of service to the Veterans.  Another award was for Mother of the Year from the local school system as Nellie had put
17 children and grandchildren through school over the years.

She now has two grandchildren who are ready to begin college and she is praying long and hard for the funds to assist
with tuition.

It has not been an easy life for Nellie but it has been an amazing journey filled with remarkable people, places and events in
her charmed life.

She is a magical and mystical woman and were are all honored to know her.
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