Prayer Request
A Prayer Request may be submitted for yourself, a family member,
friend, or anyone you feel needs assistance.  

Your Prayer Request will be added to the Healing Circle and will remain
active on the "Healing tray" for one month.
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Prayer Request
Name of Prayer recipient
Nature of assistance or healing needed.
Your relationship to prayer recipient.
Our Healing Group meets each week to
work with your Prayer Requests.  

The Prayer Requests sit on the  "Healing
Tray" as the Healing Group focuses
awareness and intention establishing the
connection with the Angelic Realms.  

The Master Crystal, shown on the home
page, is placed on top of the Prayer
Requests to amplify the healing energies.

As soon as you make/submit your prayer
request it is immediately being attended
to in the higher realms.  

The power of prayer made manifest is:

Awareness=Attention=Intention and

We create what we place our awareness
on over time.  It is a brilliant universal
plan devised by Divine Source God.
You may wonder what happens if the
person you've submitted the prayer
request for does not want to be
healed or helped.  

In this instance the energy will sit
outside their energy field until they
wish to receive it.  The energy is never
intrusive.  We receive only what we
allow ourselves to receive.